The Shining Girls, Beukes

It’s not you, Lauren, it’s me.

My friends and family rave about this book like you would not believe. Three times I’ve desperately tried to love it, and three times I’ve completely failed. Clearly it’s a problem at my end, and not with the book  itself, because the rest of the known Universe reveres it. The Shining Girls and I were just not meant to be. I didn’t connect with the characters, and I didn’t engage with the plot. It felt…bland. I think three  attempts is more than enough, and there’s a hint of desperation in the air now, so I’m just going to give up, resolved to the fact that I’m in the minority.

It’s like one of those magic eye pictures…I just can’t see it…

I’m exactly the same with Gone Girl, for what it’s worth. While others fawn, I look on, bemused…and a little dejected.

To each their own. Maybe I’m just not very mass-market. Or perhaps I’m just odd. Either way, diversity of opinion is a beautiful thing.




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