The Maze Runner, Dashner

22560044I’m late to the party again. The Maze Runner has been on my shelf for eons, mostly because I’ve been feeling a bit dystopia’d out lately.

It’s a fun read, but I think when you make the inevitable comparisons with series like The Hunger Games and Divergent, it falls short if I’m honest. Maybe I’m the one at fault for making those comparisons in the first place, but in fairness, if there’s any doubt at all that it’ll stand up I really don’t think the publishers should blast it all over the cover. (I’m still waiting to see a copy of The Hunger Games that has “A must for fans of Battle Royale” emblazoned across it – given that Collins seem to have massively ripped off the entire plot. But I digress!)

For me, although this was an enjoyable read, it didn’t become an exciting, or overly interesting read until the last few pages. I would’ve liked to have seen either more expansion and development of the status quo at the start, or to have had it fast-forwarded a lot more to get us to the good stuff a lot quicker. For me, there wasn’t enough there to hold my interest and reading it felt like the literary equivalent of treading water at times. There were plenty of interesting little nuggets along the way that could have been developed to give a lot more depth, and maybe the second and third books will do exactly that, but in this instance, it just felt frustrating.

That’s just me though, I like to dig and delve and devour in detail. If you’re a fan of pure fast-paced action and fun, you’ll love it.

Frustrations aside, there was enough of a hook at the end to make me want to read the next one. I just hope there’s going to be a little bit more for me to get my teeth into.

Writing that last sentence has got me wondering: are my YA expectations too high?


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