Days Gone Bye, Kirkman

138398Cards on the table time. I’m not a graphic novel person. So little text, and such tiny text, usually sends me into a complete book nerd rage. Sometimes shiny bright pictures almost make up for it, for a minute or two, but never for very long.

What was I doing reading a black & white graphic novel then? Well, to be honest, last night I found myself unable to sleep, or to concentrate on much of anything. Mr Me has all the available Walking Dead titles, and I somehow gravitated towards immersing myself in violence and hopelessness.

I’ve seen the first few episodes of the TV series. It didn’t really grab me. I’m cool with zombies, but I’m getting tired of watching British actors force on an American accent, and I didn’t like the whole initial ‘separation’ story line that I knew would take ages to resolve.

Seeing that that particular story line wasn’t in the original comic hooked me in pretty fast. And with the “Lincoln is ours” rage removed, reading the start of this series was a lot more fun that watching AMC’s take on it. I shouldn’t be surprised, right? The book is always better than the film.

Days Gone Bye was a good read. A really good read. For the first time I can see the advantage, and even the appeal of the graphic novel format. The artwork here is incredible, and ‘tells’ the story, complete with tension and emotion, in a way I don’t recall ever having seen or experienced before.

My eyes have been opened. And there are 19 more of these waiting for me.

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