Beautiful Revenge, Morris

23251211 The first thing I need to admit is that I didn’t realise this was Book 2.  Beautiful Revenge does work OK as a standalone, as there’s plenty of explanation of what’s been going on, but I think I would have enjoyed a richer read if I’d read Selfish Beings first. Totally my own fault for not paying attention!

I really like Morris’ concept, and the world he’s created; it’s detailed, vibrant, and intelligent. The characters are well-rounded and engaging, and the plot belts along. There’s a little bit of everything here – intrigue, dogma, humour, and essentially a thriller ride through a killer plot.

I should have enjoyed this a whole lot more than I actually did. It’s well-written and beautifully plotted. The problem for me was that I didn’t get on too well with the style. I found it to be quite heavy on info-dump in places, and whilst the humour was nicely done it felt slightly out of place with the novel as a whole. I think it offers such a wide mix of characteristics that I didn’t feel I could settle too well to any one of them. This is purely a personal viewpoint, and no criticism of the style itself. Plenty of readers are going to love the way Morris mixes it up, it just wasn’t for me.

If you fancy some urban fantasy with a difference, and are in the market for a fresh look at the concepts of heaven and hell, you should definitely give this one a go. I may not have overly enjoyed it, but I can still appreciate the work that’s gone into it, and the originality it brings to the table.

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